“I Mandorli” is a small “borghetto” where it is possible to admire “l’Antico Frantoio dei Cardarelli” an old oil mill of the 18th century situated close to the main house. The oil mill has been used by the family until 1920, it is unique in its genre because it is set up by four wooden presses and a big millstone very well kept. It is certainly one of the few remained in the centre of Italy. In 2000 the oil mill was restructured using only old materials and techniques to maintain the original connotations of the building.The old oil mill is at disposal of those who want to see it in order to jump into the past and understand the evolution of techniques to produce olive oil in a pleasant warm atmosphere. The old millstone moved by a donkey and the four presses moved only by the strength of men are very different from the modern instruments used to extract oil! Visits have to be booked in advance. It is also possible to taste the extra virgin olive oil eating a bruschetta and other typical products.
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